Community Advisory Board

HIV Community Advisory Boards (CABs) exist to make sure that community voices are included in all HIV treatment and prevention research. As volunteers, we partner with researchers by providing  important input from the community  perspective in order to advance HIV/AIDS research.

CABs provide an opportunity for stakeholders in HIV communities, especially clinical trials participants to:

  • Connect with other people living with HIV and/or allies within the HIV  community
  • Share ideas and concerns about studies from the development stage through implementation
  • Provide suggestions for recruiting and retaining clinical trial participants
  • Advocate for clinical trial participants, especially those communities most impacted by HIV
  • Improve our knowledge of HIV/AIDS,  of research, and of community  involvement
  • Ensure that community involvement is prioritized in local HIV research
  • Promote ethical research

CAB members, which includes individuals living with HIV, those passionate about HIV prevention, professionals, and community members, meet face to face  and via conference calls. We hold  trainings, review protocols, offer feedback, discuss research, share input and resources, and learn more about HIV clinical research processes. HIV treatment and prevention clinical trial participants are especially  encouraged to join.

The CAB seeks to represent the diversity of culture, gender, race, sexual orientation, language, and  socioeconomic status in the local HIV community.  All are welcome to join!


If you'd like to learn more about the CAB, please contact:

Sherri Karas Certo
Pitt CRS Clinical Recruiter and Community Educator